Our Services

Kerus Consulting International

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

We assist both public and private sector entities in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of their projects and programs. Our services include developing monitoring and evaluation systems, conducting evaluations, and tracking essential performance indicators.

Research, Evidence and Analysis

We assist our clients in gathering data through qualitative and quantitative research methods, enabling them to make well-informed decisions

Project Management

We help our clients establish goals, deliverables, and desired results by preparing thorough project plans.

Training and Capacity Building

We support our clients with training and capacitybuilding solutions

Grant and Fund Management

We help our clients design, monitor, and report grants and funds to ensure their alignment with the intended objectives and the successful attainment of desired outcomes.

Advisory Services

We assist our clients in providing guidance and developing strategies to enable them to accomplish their short-term, medium-term, and long-term objectives