Our Sectors

Kerus Consulting International

Climate Security

Climate change has far-reaching consequences for peace, stability, and the well-being of humanity. That is precisely why we collaborate with national, regional, and international entities to foster resilience.


Kerus Consulting International is committed to providing unwavering support in the execution of initiatives that strive to enhance the standard of education for forthcoming generations, with a particular focus on the underprivileged and women.


We possess vast expertise in assisting with projects and initiatives focused on enhancing populations’ access to electricity (through conventional sources or renewable energies), improving transmission and distribution networks, and advancing new technologies.

Health and Population

We assist private and public entities engaged in endeavors and actions to enhance the health and welfare of communities and populations.

Humanitarian Assistance

We prioritize tasks to alleviate human suffering, safeguard lives, and reinstate dignity to individuals impacted by emergencies, including but not limited to natural disasters, conflicts, or epidemics.

Water and Sanitation

We also place great importance on assignments that contribute to community projects as they positively impact public health, disease prevention, socioeconomic development, and the promotion of sustainable development.